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We are currently exploring access, equity and the future of talent discovery in the independent film industry through academic research. The research hopes to address systemic practices that could reduce risk and increase profitability for investors. If you interested in sharing your experience, please sign up for The Research below. Should you want to follow the progress, be encouraged to click on News & Updates at the bottom of the page.

Since 2004 we have been growing Angaelica through creative collaborations, independent productions, education programs and our own annual mentorship film festival (founded in 2008). We are always working to be encouraging and empowering to artists, creatives and filmmakers combining;  traditional theater venues, school auditoriums exhibitions, local libraries screenings, gallery exhibition spaces, outdoor screenings, community events, camping, outdoor adventures and live events across the nation including Washougal, WA where we started to OR, CA, MN and FL.

2020 and 2021 handed us the opportunity to reimagine our mandate for the virtual world. We hosted a virtual trial with the  same mission, same passion, simply in a different platform that included; insights from industry mentors, filmmaker conversations, pitch projects, alumni updates, learning from our audiences to grow and support our local and international communities more meaningfully. It was an honor to; enjoy, engage and elevate our programs. We continue working towards what’s best for our creatives and challenging the most effective ways to celebrate, cultivate and connect our ever growing community.

2022 Event Dates Coming Soon