Angaelica is a non profit organization rooted in the arts and ecology. We are connecting artists and collaborators to help projects be unique and extraordinary. We believe in the power of storytelling. And we believe in supporting one another and cultivating sustainable communities.


We operate a boutique production company, providing services from story development through production and post production all the way to distribution. We believe in helping others create art for larger audiences and we are proud of our artists, writers and filmmakers with whom we have been participant.


We found and operate international film festivals and events to help our artists gain exposure, connect with other artists and create opportunities for collaboration. Founded in 2008, the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival is proud to be sharing our artists around the world at various events and art galleries.


We are environmental artists and farmers who believe in creating sustainable communities with our art as well as in our communities. With urban farming projects and alternative energy endeavors we are active participants in making sure we are responsible for what we use, reuse and create.


Breven Angaelica Warren, Founder & Executive Director

Breven Angaelica Warren began hosting events and organizing projects as early as she can remember. Esteemed guests of the Festival remember the first Black Tie Gala she produced in 1989 at 10yrs old. And over the years from fine dining and catering to feature film production her passion for producing unique and challenging projects continues.

Breven’s international education, living and studying in England, Italy, India, Mexico, New Zealand and the Philippines focused on the Arts and Ecology. As a young professional equestrian she worked managing equestrian farms and estates. Her international aid efforts began with family agriculture and humanitarian mission minded work in Haiti when she was 15yrs old and has since spread to projects in Albania, Belize, Croatia, DR Congo and Sudan. She still focuses on combining community and sustainability to all of her personal as well as her organizations endeavors.

Breven has either volunteered, worked for, programmed with and/or sat on juries of many festivals including; Sundance, Outfest, Los Angeles Film Festival, Slamdance, San Francisco Film Festival, Miami International Film Festival, AFI Film Festival, Turner Classic Film Festival, Indie Spirit Film Festival,  Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, Greenwich Film Festival, Las Cruces International Film Festival and Quindici 19.

Breven founded Angaelica with the belief and faith that a strong community can make great things happen. Breven roots all of her work with extraordinary individuals and businesses. Developing films, programming festivals and organizing unique farming projects around the world. Angaelica, is a not for profit organization embracing art & ecology by supporting artists, creations & collaborations, connecting community through films, festivals and farms.