We value our community for it’s strength and diversity. We are proud of those we collaborate with and hope you will join us and be a part of projects that can make a difference.


We are affiliated with, constantly collaborating and networking in the hopes or connecting our community. Some of our friends you should introduce yourself to and get to know.


We don’t know what we would do without all of the tremendous staff support and talented writers who we collaborate with on InkTip. A valuable resource for writers and producers alike.

Oregon Media Production Association educating and informing through forums for networking and professional development.


Production Partners we are honored to have such a tremendous group of production companies with whom we proudly work. We love our friends. And we are blessed to present our extended community here. Please visit their respected websites and introduce yourself or your next project.

3GZ Productions Capable of anything. Full service production company. These women are amazing. Working from Miami, FL to Los Angeles, CA.

Digital Wave Always helpful, always kind. A wealth of knowledge and full service support. Offices and production studios in Portland, OR.

Professional services from post audio to data transfer. Top of the line quality in Portland, OR.

Tuwin Entertainment Energy and talent. Production services from television to feature films. An extraordinary group of emerging filmmakers in Coos Bay, OR.

VCR100 Graphic designs, advertising, documentary and experimental films that are breathtaking, beautiful and truly unique. Working out of Portland, OR.


Join us,  Park City is our favorite places to be in January .

March is a beautiful time to be in Miami, FL.

April is the  San Francisco International Film Festival.

April is also Turner Classic Film Festival.

June is another exciting LAFF.


Outfest in the best fest in July.

 Celebrating in Colorado Springs in October.

November is the never to be missed AFI. 


We are so proud of our friends and their amazing farms around the world.  These are must visit farms and organizations.

The most breathtaking farm you will ever visit based in Santa Cruz, CA. For art events, fresh produce and a thriving CSA, check them out!

Special creative friends and farmers who offer tremendous produce and a most delicious new food truck. A must stop in Salem, OR!