2010 Angaelica

2010 Angaelica Animations at Art Basel Miami Beach

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Congratulations to our Winners

The Cockerels Egg

Peter Allen 01m (Victoria, AUSTRALIA)

Sebastian’s Voodoo

Joaquin Baldwin 04m (CA, USA)

Steve Martin on the Loose

Rebecca Whipple 05m (Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE)

The 2010 Animations brought to you by Angaelica were organized in collaboration with RosstaMicah Design and WizardSleeveToys.

Throughout the event three films were chosen as Winners of this unique collaboration and curated exhibition.


  • Abomination, The: episode 2 Wally Chung  08m (NY, USA)
  • After Parties Days are Ending Too Lou Beauchard 05m (Paris, FRANCE)
  • Alice World Will Donovan 04m (MA, USA)
  • ATR 1 Bjorn Palmqvist  09m (NV, DENMARK)
  • Autumn Kate Blasley  02m (WI, USA)
  • Barry’s Song Ben Krolick  02m (London, UK)
  • Blue Balls Andre Oziol  01m (CA, USA)
  • Broken Rainbow Chia-Chien Mai  09m (NY, USA)
  • Bygone Behemoth Harry Chaskin  05m (CA, USA)
  • Cave, The Michael Ramsay  03m (CO, USA)
  • Cereal Mascots Grey Wears  03m (CA, USA)
  • Cockerels Egg, The Peter Allen  01m (Victoria, AUSTRALIA)
  • Cravings Jane Sablow  02m (NY, USA)
  • Duke Baa Shu-Han Yang  03m (NJ, USA)
  • Edge, The Lucy Edwards  02m (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Elder of the Woods, The Rob Ludacer   03m (NY, USA)
  • Father and Sister Soyeon Kim  05m (CA, USA)
  • Feast JiHyun Ahn & Adel Kerpely  03m (Hungary/South Korea/NJ, USA)
  • Flip Peter Allen  02m (Victoria, AUSTRALIA)
  • Flyer David Sananman  02m (NJ, USA)
  • For a Fistful of Snow Julien Ezri  06m (Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Hoberound Jera Sky & Brandon Weaver  02m (CA, USA)
  • Ice Cream Adam Davies  03m (NY, USA)
  • Infeccion Viktoriya Gruzden  03m (MI, USA)
  • JET Dr. V Sassmannshausen  04m (CA, USA)
  • Jullion Dillon Yvette Edery   (CA, USA)
  • Kidnap Sijia Luo  04m (CA, USA)
  • Larry and Roz Kristen Palana  04m (Roma, Italy)
  • Lowdown Empire Polina Grinberg  13m (OR, USA)
  • Mashed Adam Fisher  09m (OR, USA)
  • Mind Borders Dr. V Sassmannshausen  04m (CA, USA)
  • Mouse That Soared, The Kyle Bell  06m (OR, USA)
  • Murphy’s Short’s Todd Jemker  02m (CA, USA)
  • Navy the Poetry Kitty Patrick Cheng  03m (IL, USA)
  • New York Sky Vlash Dromboniku 08m (WI, USA)
  • Night Fishing with Cormorants Betsy Kopmar  04m (CA, USA)
  • One Possibility Derek Prusak  02m (CA, USA)
  • Only Love Lev Polyakov  15m (NY, USA)
  • Papiroflexia Joaquin Baldwin  03m (NY, USA)
  • Particle Vortex Todd Kesterson  02m (OR, USA)
  • Permutation Viktoriya Gruzden  03m (MI, USA)
  • Place Better Than Ours, A Wally Chung  03m (NY, USA)
  • Prayers for Peace Dustin Grella  08m (NY, USA)
  • PuppyDragon Land: Pets Jera Askey  06m (CA, USA)
  • Reality Check! John Martin  06m (BC, CANADA)
  • Recycled Dialogue Micah Moss  08m (CA, USA)
  • Red Princess Blues Dan Cregan  08m (FL, USA)
  • Regular People Timothy David Orme  06m (CO, USA)
  • Repaired? Seung-Hoo Ihm  03m (CA, USA)
  • Return to French Pete Creek Todd Kesterson  02m (OR, USA)
  • Root Explorations Todd Kesterson  02m (OR, USA)
  • Said Black Marvin Choi  03m (CA, USA)
  • Sebastian’s Voodoo Joaquin Baldwin  04m (CA, USA)
  • Smart Machine Jane Sablow  04m (NY, USA)
  • Star, Dust Karen Hanson  02m (Ontario, CANADA)
  • Starseacher Adam Brown  10m (Ontario, CANADA)
  • Steve Martin on the Loose Rebecca Whipple  05m (Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE)
  • Symphony Erick Oh  05m (CA, USA)
  • Tah-Dah Stacey Chomiak  02m (Manitobs, CANADA)
  • Thomas Comma Ed Mironiuk 24m (NY, USA)
  • Time Lines Suzanne Crocker  04m (Yukon, CANADA)
  • Vitruvius’ Toybox Dennis Iannuzzi  06m (PA, USA)
  • We are all here Yonghwa Choi  02m (NJ, USA)
  • Watching of the Watched, The Wally Chung  03m (NY, USA)
  • What Suffered Inside Me Jennifer Hardy  03m (Ontario, CANADA)
  • Windmill Farmer, The Joaquin Baldwin  05m (CA, USA)
  • Wishful Thinking Jane Sablow   05m (NY, USA)
  • Woodlands Season 1 Todd Kesterson  02m (OR, USA)
  • Zap Girl Makes Toast Chris J Melnychuck  02m (Calgary, CANADA)