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Congratulations to our Official Selections for the 2021 Season

2021 Scripts

1234567 (85 pages) Vahid Haghverdi, Arak, IRAN

Acts Of The Soul (83 pages) Vera Brooks, Chicago, IL, USA

All My Revelations About Freedom “همه مکاشفات من در باب آزادی” 

(19 pages) Meysam Oghbaei, IRAN

Angelica Beltà (120 pages) Michael Montgomery, USA

At The Mercy Of Faith (102 pages) Samuel Taylor, USA

Avalon Farms (Academy) (52 pages) Sierra Blanco, Long Island, NY, USA

Basket Of Linens, A (82 pages) Rena Dunsworth, USA

Battleground State (99 pages) Jon Holmes, UK

Behind the Pines “پشت کاج ها” 

(17 pages) Bahar Bay, Tehran, IRAN

Billy (13 pages) David Creighton, ON, CANADA

Black Light (114 pages) Simon Richards, London, UK

Blanca (88 pages) Carlos Grana, USA

Breakfast Over The Bridge (Pitch) Mattia Mura, ITALY

Bronko and Dorothy (8 pages) John T. Frederick, USA

Bug Soup (21 pages) Richard Scott, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Calling Card (7 pages) Peter Hardy, Atlanta, GA, USA

Cesar & Max (114 pages) Susan Klos, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Counterfeit Priest, A (133 pages) Paul Cross, USA

Darkest Kelly (75 pages) Catarina César, Moita, Setúbal, PORTUGAL

Dickens’ Faire (72 pages) Philip Marcoccio, San Francisco, CA, USA

Disappearance of Molly Mason, The (115 pages) Desiree Nash, North Hollywood, CA, USA

Fair Trade (117 pages) Diana Caldwell, USA

Fate (120 pages) Masoud Shahidi, Mashhad, Khurasan Razavi, IRAN

For Hire (18 pages) Leah Elizabeth, Astoria, NY, USA

Friends in Need (71 pages) India Jenkins, USA

Girl From Orosi, A (15 Pages) Edmundo Barraza, Rosamond, CA, USA

Great White Con (119 pages) Tony Cammarata, USA

Gringita In The Making (8 pages) Ester T. Ferman, USA

Hankered (11 pages) Torin Penwell, USA

Her Seventh Death (120 pages) Virginia Austin, USA

Homefront (113 pages) Diana Renee, San Marino, CA, USA

I Don’t Know (110 pages) Arthur Tiersky, USA

I Will Wait For You (23 pages) Kevin Silva, San Rafael, CA, USA

In The Footsteps Of The Holy Bible (Pitch) Ronen Tregerman, USA

Ingenue (62 pages) Desiree Stone, USA

Invisible Prisons (114 pages) Hoyt Richards, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Irish Tales From Coolshannagh (199 pages) Steve Crawshaw, UK

Joe Plant (94 pages) Hanna Strauss, USA

Juice (11 pages) Gustav Bengtsson, IRELAND

“L’harmonie De La Vie!” (29 pages) Philip Marcoccio, San Francisco, CA, USA

La Natura (118 pages) Kilian Seavers, Avezzano, I’aquila, ITALY

Life Of Lucy, The (63 pages) John Henry, GERMANY

Little Randy, A (116 pages) Diana Caldwell, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Lady Jayne Defies Gravity (5 pages) Beverly Wladyka, CANADA

Love Meeting, The (45 pages) Pascal Adam, BELGIUM

Massacre (84 pages) Luqman Hakim, MALAYSIA

Master Speesa (126 pages) Rosie Malek-Yonan, Verdugo City, CA, USA

Medicine Shields From The Sky (106 pages) Rena Dunsworth, USA

Map, The (12 pages) Persephone Vandegrift, Crescent, OR, USA

Ovarian Project, The (9 pages) Edmundo Barraza, Rosamond, CA, USA

Paranormal People (9 pages) Edmundo Barraza, Rosamond, CA, USA

Parched (97 pages) Jason Aaron Goldberg, Henderson, NV, USA

Perfect By Christmas (95 pages) Kimberly Jade Soliman, USA

Project Dark Liberty (120 pages) Samuel Marx, LaGrange, KY, USA

Racism Is Funny (27 pages) Greg Fusco, USA

Re:Gen – Chapter One: A Voice Coming From The Void (45 pages) Dilia Luciano, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Rena’s Trans Journey (96 pages) Rena Dunsworth, USA

Review (101 pages) Jonathan Zarantonello, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Riding On Duke’s Train – DDD (114 pages) Ken Kimmelman, USA

Room Mate (11pages) Torin Penwell, USA

Sanitized! (119 pages) Diana Renee, San Marino, CA, USA

Sea Girl (6 pages) Hawar Rahimi, IRAN

Secret of Banrion Wood, The (101 pages) Persephone Vandegrift, Crescent, OR, USA

She (12 pages) Philip Marcoccio, San Francisco, CA, USA

She Wasn’t There (104 pages) Vanessa Chamberlain, USA

Sheepwolf (99 pages) Arlene Bogna & Zi R. Lem, SINGAPORE

Sint Holo (90 pages) Michael Montgomery, USA

Speech, The (4 pages) Darius Midcalf, UK

Still Born (33 pages) Torin Penwell, USA

Suicide Hot-Line (5 pages) Edmundo Barraza, USA 

Taboo (11 pages) Christian Hockless, Humble, Texas, USA

Tanked (31 pages) Jojin Van Winkle, Madison, WI, USA

Tayana (14 pages) Catarina César, Moita, PORTUGAL

Term Paper (9 pages) Peter Hardy, USA

Tether (129 pages) Molly Franklin, USA

Texas Bigfoot, The (1 page) Ronen Tregerman, USA

That Which Maybe Known (11 pages) Nikki Smallwood, USA

Todd Be With You (5 pages) Beverly Wladyka, CANADA

Unrest In Peace (8 pages) Edmundo Barraza, Rosamond, CA, USA

Voices (109 pages) Susan Klos, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Westend (107 pages) MichaÅ Szalonek, Katowice, POLAND

Wet Dogs (88 pages) Yves Matthey, SWITZERLAND

When “Когато” (42 pages) Michael Kazakov, BULGARIA

Whole House, The (26 pages) K Shawn Edgar, USA

Youth & Age Flower (13 pages) András Attila Farkas, Kecskemét, HUNGARY