Board of Trustees

Dr. Alexander Bacher

Dr. Bacher is a licensed clinical psychologist and writer living in Santa Monica, California.  Presently, he divides his time as a full-time Staff Psychologist at Metropolitan State Hospital, writing and conducting research into the quantum physics underlying the association between mind and body, and developing his Private Practice. He is also a Master Group Facilitator with the Balancing Life Project (BLP) — an innovative, multidisciplinary wellness program which helps participants contemplate, weigh, and balance their unique needs, wishes and desires regarding their personal, interpersonal and spiritual life.  His specializations within the field of psychology include the treatment of individuals, couples and families suffering from depression, anxiety, and trauma, with an emphasis on drug and alcohol addiction.

Dr. Bacher received his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and completed his BA in Psychology at Georgetown University in Washington DC.  He performed his post-doctoral work at The Betty Ford Center, specializing in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.  Prior to graduate school, Dr. Bacher lived and worked in New York City as an investment banker–first with Merrill Lynch’s Technology Investment Banking Group, and afterwards with The Blackstone Group LLC’s Research Group.

Dr. Bacher was born and raised in New York City. His interests include theater, film, cooking, non-fiction literature, skiing, rollerblading, traveling and exploring the world (65+ countries to date).

Adrian Belic

Born in the USA of Czechoslovakian and Yugoslavian parents, Adrian grew up in Chicago, Illinois, but spent most summers behind the “Iron Curtain” in Eastern Europe speaking the languages and living with family and friends. This unique cross-cultural upbringing sparked his curiosity about the way people view themselves, each other, and the world around them.  Listening late into the night to captivating stories from remarkable people both in the US and overseas drew him into the art of storytelling. He began making films at the age of nine with his friend Christopher Nolan (Director: Memento, Dark Knight, Inception) and his brother Roko.

Adrian graduated from University of Southern California with a BS degree in Political Science and a minor in International Relations, with an emphasis in Filmmaking and Entrepreneur Business. He and his brother Roko formed Wadi Rum Films in 1995 and embarked on their first production GENGHIS BLUES. The film won the 1999 Sundance Audience Award and went onto become an international sensation on the first wave of digital filmmaking and independent distribution, culminating in the 2000 Academy Award nomination.

Adrian’s most recent film is BEYOND THE CALL, “An Indiana Jones meets Mother Teresa adventure…” documentary feature. The film has screened in theaters across the US, aired nationwide on PBS’s Independent Lens series, and at over 150 film festivals on five continents winning more then 50 awards. He has filmed in over 30 countries on six continents; and attended more then 100 film festivals with his films.

He continues to speak and write about filmmaking and following one’s passion, as well as teaching and serving on film festival juries; but most of all, he is working on his films and traveling the world.

Alina Brown

Alina is currently an event manager in Hong Kong. With an educational background in Anthropology (B.A., Princeton University, 2001) and Business Administration (MBA, Western Washington University, 2008), Alina Brown has traveled to seven continents and nearly three dozen countries around the globe, studying the world around her while striving to give back by donating time and expertise to various non-profit organizations.  Alina’s past work has focused on social change, environmental preservation, human rights causes and the arts. As hobbies, Alina enjoys the outdoors, adventure sports and film.  She is a three-time volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, most recently working with acclaimed directors in low-budget independent filmmaking.  She also worked with the Columbia Gorge & Washougal International Film Festival since 2008.

Brent Bucknum


Rebecca Gray

Rebecca Catherine Gray is an artist primarily self-taught in the classical realist tradition, exploring ways of seeing and expressing the intrinsic beauty of the created world. Rebecca began her immersive study of classicism in art history classes at Olivet Nazarene University, researching the philosophies and methods of the Pre-Raphaelites, Romantics, and Dutch and Flemish masters. These studies revealed a lineage of craftsmanship that is still taught today. With such inspiration, Rebecca focused exclusively on classical realism since her undergrad studies.

Her adherence to classic realist methods sets her work apart from other contemporary still life and figurative artists. Her canvases are painted from life using controlled light and strict academic drawing methods. Intense, lifelike impressions of diverse subjects are the result of her deliberate compositions, countless hours of active seeing, and methodical, meticulous paint application. Primary resources for her methods include Charles Bargue, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Harold Speed, and Solomon Joseph Solomon. Rebecca has studied masterworks at the Vatican Museums, the Uffizi Gallery, the Chicago Art Institute, and the British Museum. She attended a sight-size figure drawing workshop with Jura Bedic at the Florence Academy of Art and a semester of drawing study at the Gage Academy in Seattle under Juliette Aristides.

Rebecca’s current series explores natural chromatic representation in contrast with controlled chiaroscuro modeling. Familiar forms of coffee cups and fruit emerge from atmospheric shadows into the light. The cascading arrangements, painted in oil, venture to tumble towards the viewer.

Zachary Gray


Tammy Lynn Caplin Jones

Tammy Lynn Caplin Jones is a full time wife and mother to three children under six years old (with the fourth due July 2011). As often as her schedule allows, she performs and records Christian and classical music for retirement homes, schools, churches, and charity events around locations in America and Wales, UK. Tammy has a Juris Doctorate from the University of Virginia and Bachelors degrees in Classics with a minor in Zoology from the University of Florida, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.  She supports her husband in his business ventures in health care technology and recruitment and in her spare time enjoys playing league table tennis and teaching Sunday school.  Most important to Tammy is her Christian faith, and she has a passion for using the arts to glorify God. She has been a longtime friend and supporter of the talented Breven Angaelica and is very excited about the work being done through Angaelica.

Ya Langford

Lawyer by training, Artist by HeART. Ya Langford is the granddaughter of John Dunkley, who is considered to be Jamaica’s first and finest intuitive painter. Langford is a first generation American, born in New York where she developed a keen eye toward artistic expression. By the age of 10, her family relocated to tropical South Florida where Ya poured all of her talent in to academic excellence and art. As her passion increased, her parents frequented museums throughout the United States and also frequented their native land to introduce her to the legendary, exhibits of her grandfather—all to her amazement and encouragement. Today, Ya Langford is an impressionist painter and consultative artist graduating with honors with a BA from Florida State University, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida and now a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the Art Institute of Boston, Massachusetts. Although a lawyer by training, Langford’s heart and inspiration beats to the cadence of creative expression. By design, her impact on the art arena masterfully delivers power to both the creator and observer. Overall, Langford’s innovative approach invites viewers to move into a space of speculation and glimpse deeply into a realm of extraordinary beauty and surprise. Most critics suggest, Langford’s work reflects her vibrant and colorfully warm personality which brings each observer one step closer to realizing the emotion, energy and depth. Langford continues to exhibit work that is compelling, meditative, insightful and also stimulates awareness.

Rosston Micah Meyer

Rosston Micah Meyer runs Rosstamicah Design, a South Florida based creative web and new media design company.  Working on projects ranging from web site to interactive kiosk design, Rosston has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in many fields. This, and keeping current with web trends allows him to bring a unique combination of design, development, and marketing to the table. Rosston has recently been involved in creating startup companies such as and, as well as working in the designer toy field both as a collector and on toy design efforts with Wizard Sleeve Toys. Rosston holds an BA in English from the University of Florida.

Michael E. Moss


Dr. Pernilla Nathan

Dr. Nathan is a therapist, humanitarian, activist and entrepreneur living in Santa Monica, California. She is presently completing her post-doctoral work at Santa Monica College’s Counseling Center, while also serving as Co-founder and Clinic Director of a non-profit organization called Learning Dynamics, which aims to provide comprehensive psychological services to lower-middle class individuals who lack the resources they need in order to obtain proper treatment and care.  In addition, Dr. Nathan volunteers her time with I-ACT, a grassroots organization that provides both direct care and resources to women, children and families in Darfur, while at the same time utilizing social media as a vehicle for spreading awareness of their cause and the need for more international attention and support for the people they serve. As Dr. Nathan’s specilizations are in the areas of Cultural Psychology, trauma and well-being, she serves as an expert consultant to I-ACT on how best to develop schools and treatment approaches for people in Darfur, from a culturally sensitive standpoint.  Dr. Nathan has presented at numerous conferences and been a guest lecturer at many colleges/universities on the topic of well-being in multi-cultural populations.

Dr. Nathan received her Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and completed her BA in Psychology at Occidental College in Pasadena, CA. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Nathan traveled extensively around the world assisting her father, a hand surgeon, who provided much needed medical care to outcast populations in developing countries. Dr. Nathan was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Her interests include travel, literature, arts and crafts, and horseback riding.

Laura Jack Rickles


Edwin Stirman

Edwin Stirman was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Studying abroad for a year in Florence, Italy and interning at the White Cube gallery in London, he earned two Bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and The History and Criticism of Art History from Florida State University. He then went on to graduate school in Art History at the University of Texas, Austin to focus on Modernism and Contemporary Art. He has worked for various institutions as an instructor, curator, critic, and consultant in many capacities. For information refer to

Travis Zariwny

Travis Nicholas Zariwny recently completed principle photography on the feature film entitled “Scavengers”. With a strong background in Cinematography and Production Design he was the right choice to helm The California Pictures project. Thrust into rapid developement, Travis wrote the treatment and original script for the film, in eleven days. He then immediately switched gears and went into Art Department Mode, working with his art crew Travis designed and helped construct the numerous sets required for the ambitious Science Fiction Project. Travisʼ further drew the elaborate storyboards required for the film and operated the camera as well. He is currently in post production editing the project.

Travis Nicholas Zariwny has been steeped in the artistic community and motion picture industry for fourteen years. Having served as Artistic Director for Robert Redfordʼs Sundance Film Lab, as well as being the Production Designer on over 30 independent feature films and commercials, Mr. Zariwny represents a positive creative force and is a pleasure to work with. Starting in the studio system and gradually floating between the creativity and freedom of independent films, Travis is equally comfortable handling a large scale production as well as the smaller independent film; where the challenges are greater. Mr. Zariwnyʼs award-winning designs and passion for visual perfection is evident in his large body of work. Travis has the ability to focus creativity, while maintaining a concrete understanding of the production process when exploring the creative requirements of an individual script. This unique gift allows Travis to consistently deliver the highest level of Production Value possible to a given project, while consistently staying within the parameters of a giving budget.

Mr. Zariwny is a uniquely creative individual and represents a valuable asset to any film project he becomes involved with.