We are very proud and excited about our upcoming projects. We have screenplays that are in the development process, projects in production and of course productions that are in the final stages of post. We are proud of our unique projects and hope that to share these films with you soon.

We are always looking to help develop projects and welcome treatments and script submissions.

We also encourage anyone interested in being apart of our projects to please contact us and tell us more about what you are looking for. We often have projects waiting for the right team and we hope to be able to hep connect you to the perfect project.

You can see a few of our projects in development here;

Affected Drama Script In Development Worlds collide when a social documentarian chooses to research the emotional entanglements of those who work in the adult entertainment industry. The story she uncovers is more personal than she ever expected.

The Inklings Historical Biography, Based on True Story Script In Development The true story of two of the most beloved literary figures in history, CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.Two men who inspired each other to create their most notable works. The story behind our favorite tales.

Julia BelgroveEpic Narrative Period Piece Script In Development An emotionally complex story of guilt, loves, suffering and hope. A story of choices. An adventure in the strengths and weaknesses of the human spirit. Capturing the flavor, atmosphere and imagination of England’s cities, history and culture. Based on the truth in a tale of an unmarked grave.

The Mosaic of Life A documentary feature film project by Alicia Brauns. A unique, highly emotional, inspiring and unusual documentary profiling Dr. Jack Brauns – – a Holocaust survivor still alive and active today, at age 86. THE MOSAIC OF LIFE tells the vivid, unexpected and unpredictable ways that Dr, Brauns chooses to “color his internal and exterior worlds” – – turning what could have been a bleak, fearful and black perspective into a beautiful existence, colored brilliantly with every enlightening hue that life’s spectrum provides.

Native Land Drama Script In Development Aide workers are not prepared for the challenges that they will face when rebels raid the village they are working with.

Plant BoyDrama Script In Development A unique story about a boy and his devotion to his house plants. A sweet story of life’s challenges and the communities who help us through them.

Zombie Zero Coming of Age/Action/Thriller Script In Development The story of the first zombie. An apocalyptic coming of age tale unlike any other.