Collaborating with artists. We are always looking forward to working together, conspiring and collaborating with other creators. Let us know how we may best help you on set or during any stage of production with your upcoming project.

Developing relationships in the film community. Whether you are developing a project or simply need a hand at any stage of production. We are most interested in learning about and listening to your questions. We are curious about your project and determining if we may be of assistance. Developing long term relationships in the film community is important to us. “It takes a community.” And we are proud to share our knowledge with you and extend our community to reach out and help whenever and wherever possible.

Original creations by original minds. Sometimes the opportunity is simply being a part on screen in your project. We love creating. However we can be involved we are thrilled to help you develop your vision into what you desire it to be. Check out our full list of collaborations below.

Above Average – The After Party – ApostleThe Art of Being Completely Numb – Betrayal – A Bike Love Story  – Bullet Ballet – Cake – Campus Daze Cinema Is Everywhere –  – Crown of Love – DarkBeat – Death Calls – The Devil Wearing a Womans Skin Fat ChanceFilm By Bike – George and Sofia – I Would Rather – In The Gray  – L.E.C.I.(League of Extraordinary Celebrity Impersonators)  –  Living Diesel – Making Toast With You – Metal – Multiple –   One Day I’ll Fly Away – Player Piano – Plight Before Christmas –   Shoot – Slug – Stranger Now – Trojan Implosion – Unidentified –  Velvet – The Warren Story – Wicked Garden –   Wicker – Youth Pastor Kevin



Cinema is Everywhere, by Teal Greyhavens. The story of the art that defies our differences. “Cinema Is Everywhere” is a documentary feature film that ties four narratives—from China, India, Scotland, and Tunisia—together with countless insights from venerable filmmakers and ordinary moviegoers. An aspiring actress in Mumbai battles to break into Bollywood; two friends in Scotland take a mobile film festival across the highlands; a young crew in Hong Kong embarks on the shooting of their first film; a daring Tunisian director anxiously anticipates the premiere of his controversial film at a major festival. These stories are woven together with scenes from video stores, projection booths, studios, cinemas, and slums into a vivid meditation on the power of cinema to shape our world. Feature film documentary featuring, Javed Akhtar, Shyam Benegal, Fruit Chan, Mark Cousins, Stanley Kwan, Sudhir Mishra, and Tilda Swinton

Ed Robbins, with TIME Magazine accompanied our aide team into Southern Sudan in 2009 after the international community had evacuated aide workers from this region due to the violence and insecurity. We were grateful to him for coming along with us for part of the relief trip to help document what was happening.

The stories are so many, but we hope to be able to share them in more detail. There are simply so many suffering with no voice at all. We hope we can help them be heard.

SKATE DANCE, A documentary with the most unique charm and captivating community. See full credits on IMDb.

Living Diesel,
a documentary by Savannah Teller Brown

Living Diesel: Intro

Living Diesel: Solutions

Living Diesel: Health Risks

Living Diesel: Idle Less

Living Diesel: School Buses

Living Diesel: Retrofit



BIKE LOVE STORY, a Super 8 Film by Savannah Teller Brown and Matthew Semchee.

We are so proud of our Sponsored Artist, the talent and unique artist, Pray Harper. A few of Pray’s live performances are here to view. You can learn more about Pray on his official website.

ONE DAY I’LL FLY AWAY, by Mark Pomerville.

PLAYER PIANO, by Savannah Teller Brown.

BULLET BALLET, A film by Morrie Cramer.


Adam Davies is an extraordinary animator and artist with a unique voice and vision. We are proud to have Adam collaborate on any and all of our projects. Adam is currently creating the most anticipated, “Itching”. We hope you will consider supporting Adam and his work as he works tirelessly to create this most amazing film. Here are a few of Adam’s previous films;

[youtube]JulFnFObTV0[/youtube] [youtube]kRtQue5rZnQ[/youtube]

[youtube]yGYTQDlf24s[/youtube] [youtube]XspuIW6AoHs[/youtube]

[youtube]LNAe5EYaEgY[/youtube] [youtube]E3NiXbsnZxI[/youtube]


IN THE GRAY, A Short Drama executive produced by Scott Conner. The truth is more confusing than the fiction. A drama of an undercover narcotics officer, where not everyone is who they seem, literally.

Youth Pastor Kevin

A well-intentioned but insecure youth pastor struggles to establish his position between God and a group of impressionable teens.  See IMDbView the entire series at


Pilot episode directed by Travis Zariwny.

Campus Daze Pilot Episode from Teresa Decher onVimeo.

MISS COMMUNICATION, A film by Savannah Teller Brown and Michael Ferry. Written by Chris Love. With Paul Yoo, Braman Ariana Warren and Breven Angaelica Warren.

Film By Bike Film Festival commercial trailer by Savannah Teller Brown.