Angaelica (an-gālik-ah)

Breven Warren

Breven Angaelica Warren passionately believes in the power of the independent filmmakers, storytellers and artists. She founded Angaelica to be deeply rooted in art and ecology. She has over 13 years of experience working at prestigious nonprofit organizations including Sundance Institute, Film Independent, AFI and Outfest. She has also built film mentorship programs and urban farming initiatives. With undergraduate degrees from Florida State University (while living in Italy), she completed programs with Boston University in England, India, the Philippines, New Zealand and Mexico. Breven went back to graduate school to research the efficacy and sustainability of nontraditional filmmaker support programs at the University of Florida. After graduation Breven was invited to develop the artist support programs at an entertainment studio built on the blockchain. Currently completing an MBA and JM program at Florida State University, she is beginning her doctoral research at the University of Southern California to actively build out the long-term vision of Angaelica to be a part of the change she hopes to see in the art and entertainment landscapes. Breven also serves on film programming teams and juries throughout the year.

Tim Udall

Tim Udall partnered with Breven in life and work in 2013. Tim originally studied at University of Colorado Boulder before working professionally as a chef in Los Angeles for Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. He returned to school to study audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona, leading to several years of work at Capital Studios and Mastering. When they met, Breven introduced him to the film festival industry where he quickly ascended to leadership positions including Technical Director, Operations Manager and Producer of such renowned festivals as Slamdance, AFI FEST, and The TCM Classic Film Festival. Concurrent with festival work, Tim returned to university, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering with honors from California State University, Northridge. He continued with a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Southern California. He currently works as an industrial systems engineer while continuing to oversee all executive operations of Angaelica, contributing to the larger vision and strategic planning. Tim and Breven also have three amazing boys: Ranen Navat, 5 years old, and Daven Saraf, 3 years old, and Tevah Magan, nearly 1 year old. Together they hope to build a legacy of supporting creatives in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Festival Angaelica Leadership

Brian Morataya

Exhibition Director

Em Solarova

Venue Director

Jeremy Pelsinki

Camp Director

Jessica Geri Huezo

Design Director

Kamar Elliott

Talent Director

Krystin Braverman

Managing Director

Miles Marisco

Technical Director

Vivian Martinez

Director, Host

Rhonda Teeny

Operations Manager

Sean Barnes

Director of Operations

Leading Together

Many extraordinary individuals have been a part of making everything possible. The following list of individuals have dedicated themselves to being a part of our Leadership Team over the years. We are an ever growing community of artists, activists, ecologists, educators, entrepreneurs, farmers, filmmakers, musicians and leaders who want to make a difference. We believe in what we do and we come together to  “be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Alta Berri – Nena Botto – Seth Hayden Brown  – Alexander Calapodis – Lindsay Capacio – Jody Cole – Matt Dawson – Teresa Decher – Jeff Feazell – Kerri Fernsworth – Jillian Ferry – Alex Hudson – Bjorn Knoppel – Richard Kowalski – Jessica Lee McAtee – Annie Milligan – Randy Morrissette – Rylie Morrissette – Brady Newbill – Tim Nicholson – Derek Nunn – Jaclyn O’Grady – Wesley Scott Parker – Zach Persson – Nic Korban Aurix Phelan – Elisa Prepetit – Elise Prepetit – Carmen Rio – Paul Sbrizzi – Kenya Spiegel – James Rodney Stolz – Savannah Teller-Brown Shilyh Warren, Phd – Stefanie Warren – Joel Wear – Laurie Woods

Past Creative Leader Interns

Kali Brgant – Jessica Hatton – Timothy Hunter Cogley – Reed Gaines – Jessica Gipe – Alexandra Martin – Elisabeth Messing – Megan Trevarthen 

Founding Board Members

  • Dr. Alexander Bacher
  • Adrian Belic
  • Alina Brown
  • Brent Bucknum
  • Rebecca Gray
  • Zachary Gray
  • Tammy Lynn Caplin Jones
  • Ya La’ford
  • Rosston Micah Meyer
  • Michael E. Moss
  • Dr. Pernilla Nathan
  • Laura Jack Rickles
  • Edwin Stirman
  • Travis Zariwny



Text: (Five Six One) 676-4696

TV Coverage

  • KPTV – Columbia Gorge International Film Festival Aug 6, 2015

Links to Press

Interviews, Publication, Details

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Cover Photos, Publication, Details

  • Ink Tip Magazine, October 2007, Vol. 7, Iss. 5

Past and Present Community Collaborators

305 Creative Group – Acento Productions – Adam Davies  – Adele Slaughter – Alexandra Martin – Allan Hopp – Alter Eco – Angela Deans – Angst Gallery – Anne John – Anthony Bloom – Arts of Clark County – Atrium Lounge – Avantopia –  Braman Ariana Warren – Brent Bucknum – Brickhouse – Cara Cottingham – Carol Wong – Cecelia Harper – City of Vancouver – City of Washougal – Copley Family – Dan Wyatt – Dave’s Killer Bread – David Sadka – Diane Dempcy – Dick Hannah – Don Warren – Earl Allen – Fernando Gaviria – Fort Vancouver – Gordon Washburn – Heidi Arizza – Hilton Vancouver – House of Providence – Hyphae Designs- Jay Duplass – Jeanette Altman – Jeff Kober – Jessica Gipe – Johnny Cardinale – Karen Madsen – Karin Ford – Kathi Berens – Katie Meehan –  Keveen Korakor Gabet – Kevin Gabriel – Kevita – Kiggins Theater – Laika – Leah Jackson – Lee Arenberg – Lone Wolf Investments – Marcus Griffin – Mark Shapiro – Marla Young – Miami’s Independent Thinkers – Michael Zugay – Niche Art Wine Bar – Ossie Bladine – Osso Martin – Paper Tiger Coffee – PopChips – PopCulture – Port of Camas-Washougal – Quin Benzel – Rene Carol – Rob Tyler – Roman Zenz – Rosstamicah Design –  Ryan Palmer – Sanni Diesner –  Seanette Corkhill – Serendipity Playhouse –  Sponsorist – Stash Tea – Stefanie Warren – Steve Deans – Suzy Warren – Teller Films – The Academy – The Circle – Tom Nunan – Torque Coffee Roasters – Tuwin Entertainment – VCR 100 – Vancouver Community Library – Vancouver Downtown Association – Vancouver Voice – Voca – Wallis Engineering – Washougal High School – Wes Hickey –  Weslie Ford – Wixard Sleeve Toys – Whole Foods – Zacharia Persson