Angaelica is a mentorship Festival. We are dedicated to growing unique creative community events to support and encourage artists and filmmakers. Believing in the power of film, storytelling and ultimately in the artists and creators themselves behind the work. The Festival aims to connect artists and their creations to a community locally as well as globally.

Our Festival grows organically through the ideas and suggestions of the artists involved. We allow our filmmakers, screenwriters, and artists to express themselves by being a fundamental part of the development and production of our events. We hope to foster extensive connection and collaboration opportunities.
We are ever learning and iterating through ongoing research and action. We are continuing to reimagine our own events and rethink our focus to make the most meaningful and intentional decisions moving forward. Our purest goal is learning how to support you, the creator, most effectively.

Code of Conduct

Angaelica cultivates a global community and facilitates creative events that are open, inclusive, caring, and safe spaces for all. We celebrate everyone’s expression of values and opinions. We respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries, and understand that other people’s boundaries may be different than our own. Angaelica does not tolerate harassment of any form and reserves the right to remove any person, temporarily or permanently, who does not adhere to our Code of Conduct.


Details coming soon!

I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization.

– Roger Ebert